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OwnBrix are very pleased to be dealing with
several US cities and Non-Profit organisations,
to help regenerate neighborhoods and provide
affordable housing for low-income groups. Our
first main project has been in Indianapolis, where
we are currently refurbishing over 450 units. Once
refurbished these units are available to rent in the
400-750 USD bracket. Taking these run down
homes and refurbishing them, brings a new lease
of life and hope to run down neighborhoods. We
have been very pleased with the interest shown
by local residents and their desire to rent nicely
finished homes.
Unfortunately in America at the moment, millions
have lost their homes and are unable to purchase
homes due to their poor credit rating. Much of
the property stock is in very poor condition and
has been severely damaged by both vandals and
people who have been evicted from their homes.
Following our success in Indianapolis, we will
shortly be taking on projects in Memphis,
Tennessee and Houston, Texas. The property
market in the US is improving and companies
like ourselves are helping to improve the housing
stock. This socially responsible investing also
carries the potential of rich investment rewards.
Much of this stock, once refurbished, is still at a
discount of 70% on the high prices of 5 years
ago. This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity
to help regenerate areas and receive a solid return
on investment.
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